SEASON – 03-G-Revolution  HINDI DUB

RE-ENCODED BY  :- Coolsanime

DUBBED BY : – Hungama TV/Disney XD

SIZE :- Below 80MB

LANGUAGE : -Hindi dub

Plot :-Kai, Ray and Max left Tyson and went their separate ways to rejoin their old teams so that they have a chance to beat each other at the World Championship which has been re-designed with tag-teams of two. Max joins the PPB All Starz, Ray joins White Tiger X, and Kai joins the Blitzkrieg Boys. This leaves only Tyson, Hilary, and Kenny on the team. A new character, Daichi Sumeragi, and Tyson’s brother, Hiro Granger, join them. The two other teams involved are the Barthez Batallion and F-Dynasty. One week after the results of the World Championships, Boris, the secondary villain from the first season, says things will return to the way they were before. But he declares that all the Beyblade shops must sell Beyblades and their parts to BEGA associated Beybladers only, otherwise they will not be allowed to run the shops.



EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Jan 06, 2003New Kid in Town
2Jan 13, 2003A Team Divided
3Jan 20, 2003Invitation to Battle
4Jan 27, 2003We Were Once Bladebreakers…
5Feb 03, 2003A League of His Own
6Feb 10, 2003You’re the Man, Kai!
7Feb 17, 2003Take Your Best Shot!
8Feb 24, 2003Roughing It
9Mar 03, 2003Swiped on the Streets
10Mar 10, 2003It’s a Battle Royale…!
11Mar 17, 2003The Blame Game
12Mar 24, 2003When in Rome… Let It Rip!
13Mar 31, 2003Kenny’s Big Battle
14Apr 07, 2003Picking Up the Pieces
15Apr 14, 2003Sleepless in Madrid
16Apr 21, 2003Fire and Water
17Apr 28, 2003Same Old Dirty Tricks…
18May 05, 2003Beyblade Like An Egyptian
19May 12, 2003One For All…Free For All
20May 19, 2003Burdens of a Champion
21May 26, 2003Under Pressure
22Jun 02, 2003Sibling Rivalry
23Jun 09, 2003Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face-Off…
24Jun 16, 2003Down Under, Thunder
25Jun 23, 2003Max Attacks!
26Jun 30, 2003Familiar Faces
27Jul 07, 2003What a Blast!
28Jul 14, 2003Changing Gears
29Jul 21, 2003And Then There Were Two
30Jul 28, 2003Let The Games Begin… Again!
31Aug 04, 2003Runaway Daichi
32Aug 11, 2003Beyblade Idol
33Aug 18, 2003Out of Their League
34Aug 25, 2003The Mysterious Mystel…
35Sep 01, 2003Pros and Ex-Cons
36Sep 08, 2003Boris, the Blade Stops Here!
37Sep 15, 2003The Bega Challenge
38Sep 22, 2003Bega on the Rise
39Sep 29, 2003Rebel Alliance
40Oct 06, 2003Back to Basics
41Oct 13, 2003And Justice-Five For All
42Oct 20, 2003When You Wish Upon a Star
43Oct 27, 2003Sing Ming Ming Sing!
44Nov 03, 2003Refuse to Lose
45Nov 10, 2003Max to the Max
46Nov 17, 2003The Return of Kai
47Nov 24, 2003Now You’re Making Me Mad
48Dec 01, 2003The Beyblading Spirit
49Dec 08, 2003The Principles of Victory
50Dec 15, 2003Welcome to My Nightmare
51Dec 22, 2003Brooklyn’s Back
52Dec 29, 2003Beybattle for the Ages


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