Dragon Ball Movie 3: Mystical Adventure Eng dub

Dragon Ball Movie 3: Mystical Adventure Eng dub

Movie 3: Mystical Adventure

NAME :- Dragon ball

Type :-  Movie – 03

Type Name :– Mystical Adventure

Language :–  English dub

PLOT :-Another retelling of the Dragon Ball story. This time, young Goku and young Krillin are training with Master Roshi for a World Martial Arts Tournament to be held in the country of Mifan. The Emperor of Mifan, Chiaotzu, is trying to find his lost “Ran Ran.” “Minister” Master Shen has Emperor Pilaf work on a Dragon Radar, takes it from him, and is using it to locate the Dragon Balls. Shen and his brother, Mercenary Tao claim that they’ll use the wish from Shenron to locate Ran Ran, but are actually planning, with Tien’s help, to kill Chiaotzu and take over the country. General Blue announces that Ran Ran is being held in Shen’s room, and is killed by Tao for it. Bora and Upa have located the final Dragon Ball and they take it to Mifan to use it to demand that Mifan’s soldiers be forced to leave the land near Korin Tower.


Quality :- 480p

Size :- 110 MB




Quality :- 240p

Size :- 85 MB


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