ANIME MOVIE Dragon Ball z Movie 03 : The Tree of Might Hindi dub

Dragon Ball z Movie 03 : The Tree of Might Hindi dub

 Movie 03 : The Tree of Might

NAME :- Dragon ball z
Type :-  Movie – 03
Type Name :– The Tree of Might
Language :–  Hindi dub

PLOT :-It starts off like the other movies in having Bulma, Oolong, Krillian, and Gohan enjoying their peaceful existence only to have it upset by evil doers, the Dragon Balls are used immediately (which is a running theme in the movies it seems) but this time its to restore a forest that was burnt out by the crashing of a space probe. This less immediate start to events allows the plot to develop naturally, instead of setting it up with remarkable coincidences (World’s Strongest) and/or poor writing (Dead Zone).

That extra time is for the most part spent developing a nice little subplot of Gohan and his new dragon buddy, which is a much more natural way to include Gohan instead of the acid trips he’s had previously and their relationship comes into play later on in the movie to decent effect. It also uses its extra time to set up the largest scale movie i’ve seen up to this point (in the series), as the Tree’s arrival on earth and resulting damage isn’t just an isolated event and eventually starts to destroy the entire planet………………..


Quality :- 540p

Size :- 343 MB

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